Modern Condo: Small Scale, Big Style – Part Two

Sophisticated, bold, and charismatic. These are only a few of many words that can be used to describe this two-story modern condo recently highlighted on our blog― only this time with more incredible photos to share from this month’s feature in Annapolis Home magazine. Click here to read the full article that defines this space as one that “proves quite unexpectedly that one can live large on a small scale.”

Modern condo
Modern condo
Image credit: Gwin Hunt in Annapolis Home Magazine

Small Scale, Big Style

Colorful Condo.

Just because condominium owners may be working with a smaller space, it doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice style. Check out these snapshots of a condominium interior renovation we recently completed. Ensuring this home was a welcoming pad for its globetrotting owners, interior designer Katalin Farnady brought each of these small scale spaces to life with colorful, playful, yet utterly sophisticated patterns.

Master Bedroom
Colorful Condo

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