When we’re designing a house, we talk about romance.


Romance, Passion, & Vision

FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, Purple Cherry Architects has created luxurious residences across the United States. Whether a residence is traditional or contemporary, a multi-generational estate or a weekend getaway, the firm is guided by a desire to conceive exceptional homes. Each commission—composed with intelligence, sensitivity, and experience—becomes the backdrop for indelible family memories.

Founding principal Cathy Purple Cherry and her company are devoted to their clients, guiding them through every step of the design process. Passionate about their work, the team considers not only physical forms but the emotional connections clients will have with their homes and the spaces within them. Active listening fuels the firm’s creative talent to achieve environments that are transcendently beautiful, comfortable, and serene. Purple Cherry’s personal approach is matched with comprehensive architectural and interior design services that result in striking and unique homes. 

When we’re designing a house, we also talk about technology.


Experience, Expertise, & Accountability

The design of exceptional homes—from 3,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet and everything in between—requires thorough understanding of each client’s needs and desires. Our design team appreciates that individual aspirations are shaped by a lifetime of experiences. We encourage our clients to create virtual idea boards to help us capture preferences and inspiration.

Equally important to establishing the vision are site and context. We have extensive experience in designing for waterfront and mountain properties and understand how to utilize the sun’s path, views and wind to determine proper siting and maximize design. Moreover, with LEED accredited professionals, we have a keen interest and ability to integrate sustainable strategies into the design of clients’ homes at their request. 

Advanced technology is woven into the design process and strategy at our firm. We use Revit for design development and construction documents. The use of 3D modeling and visualization allows our clients to quickly see the nuances of structural massing and volumes. The technology also benefits the contractor, establishing clarity of alignments and relationships from the beginning of construction. Beyond serving as a design and informational tool, our emphasis on technology and the use of 3D models underscores our effectiveness and efficiency. 

In support of the company’s residential architecture, the Purple Cherry Interior Design Studio provides seamlessly coordinated interior architecture and décor via a team of degreed professionals. Finishes, wall coverings, and color selections; custom millwork, including kitchen cabinetry, coffered ceilings and built-in bookcases; flooring; lighting and plumbing fixtures; selection of furniture, upholstery, accessories, and window coverings; and curation and placement of artwork may be integrated into the scope of work as desired by the client. Successful projects reflect harmony from the scale and proportions of design down to the small details of refined living.

Throughout the process, Purple Cherry Architects is available to coordinate all aspects of a project. From conceptual design and consultant oversight to construction documentation, permitting, and construction administration, the firm’s proven practices and design approach have built an impressive portfolio of fine custom residences. As an extension of our services and successful relationships, we frequently partner with our residential project clients to design their commercial ventures. Additionally, at the heart of the firm’s non-profit work is our Purposeful Architecture studio — purposefularchitecture.com.



Cathy Purple Cherry

GROUNDED IN HER FAITH and driven by a passion for art and architectural design, Cathy Purple Cherry has been honing her craft since early childhood. Painting lessons at a young age led inevitably to her later studies at the Corcoran School of Art, University of Colorado, Boulder, and at the University of Maryland. Since graduating with her architecture degree in 1989, Cathy is resolute in her quest for excellence in residential design.

Purple Cherry Architects, Cathy’s namesake firm, embraces advanced technologies and new materials in their custom designs for luxury residential architecture. Energetic and creative, Cathy is a natural leader and she relishes the problem solving inherent in architectural design. Warm and thoughtful, she gathers and processes information that informs the big picture as well as all the subtleties. She considers lifestyle as much as aesthetics. A wife and mother of three—her eldest is a special needs child—Cathy deeply understands the desire for a dream home that is not only beautiful, but which also supports the values and needs of her clients. A visionary and three-dimensional thinker, she is able to turn aspirations into built reality.

While she revels in the intricate design opportunities presented by high-end residential architecture, Cathy is equally passionate about her philanthropic efforts. She and her firm offer their design knowledge and sensitivity to the special needs community via the Purple Cherry Purposeful Architecture Studio. A true creative servant, Cathy Purple Cherry is unfailing in her efforts to positively impact all those around her and those in need.



Brian has practiced custom residential architecture for nearly 30 years, designing distinctive homes in locations throughout the country. Prior to joining the firm, he owned a Chicago-based architecture practice for two decades, where he oversaw all aspects of fine home design and construction. Brian, who earned a degree in Architecture from the University of Miami, loves the creative challenges brought forth by residential architecture and believes good design comes from understanding scale, proportion, precedent, and most importantly, the client’s vision.


For more than 25 years, Peter has passionately been dedicated to the study and practice of traditional architecture and design. Prior to joining the firm, he worked in the offices of several leading residential practices in New York City. Peter is devoted to studying and pursuing the “art” of architecture and is an enthusiast of traditional pencil rendering, pen and ink illustration, and watercolor painting. Peter loves talking with clients, colleagues, and craftspeople who bring architecture into the built environment and believes that the formations of those special bonds are as important as the architecture he helps to create.


Alan’s architectural designs are infused with an interdisciplinary perspective gained over two decades in the field. His broad experience and passion for environmental design, historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and commercial projects enhance every residential commission. To help clients create beautiful homes that exceed expectations, Alan relishes the complexities that translate aspirations and vision into a unified result. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Alan also holds a Master of Architecture from Syracuse University School of Architecture. Outside of the office, Alan serves on the board of Girls on The Run Greater Chesapeake.


Rich, a graduate of the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, has been designing custom residences for more than 20 years. His passion for architecture stems from growing up with a father who was a master carpenter and his time spent working for high-end residential builders in New England. Prior to joining Purple Cherry Architects, Rich held positions at top architectural firms in Fairfield, Connecticut; Washington, D.C.; and Annapolis; and also owned and operated his own architectural design and build company. His love for creative design and fine details are a reflection of his personal philosophy that it is the small things that matter most in life.


Carmine believes that good design and successful projects are the result of effective listening and solid collaboration. He combines lessons learned from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design with expertise in and passion for sketching, virtual reality, and BIM. Carmine’s multifaceted approach skillfully translates a client’s vision into clear, inclusive designs that are supported by comprehensive construction documents.


A graduate of The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning, Ashley concentrated her studies on Sacred Architecture. In addition to her love for residential architecture work, she also focuses on Purposeful Architecture, Purple Cherry’s non-profit division, where she specializes in designing environments for individuals with special needs. Passionate and energetic, Ashley is also committed to her community, serving as a board member of the Hospice of the Chesapeake’s Chesapeake Kids program. She actively volunteers with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Habitat for Humanity Choptank, and the Anne Arundel County SPCA.


From small scale model building at a young age, to furniture building later in life, most of Mitchell’s life has revolved around design. A graduate of Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, he has a strong background in BIM and commercial architecture but has a true passion for custom residential projects. Mitchell, who also serves as the firm’s BIM Manager, strongly believes that the built environment plays a crucial role in an individual’s well-being. As an architect with a particular eye for detail, he loves being able to affect people’s lives in a positive way.


Maria earned a degree in Architecture and Architectural History from the Savannah College of Art and Design’s School of Building Arts. Her passion for residential design and a love for details that reward a second glance only grew by being surrounded by Savannah’s historic homes. Maria loves incorporating small but meaningful elements into a design and finds it thrilling how they can harmonize a space and lend cohesion to a home.



Motivated by the creative challenges brought forth by residential design, Benaissa brings more than two decades of architectural design experience to the firm. A graduate of the University Saad Dahlab Blida – Algeria with a degree in Architecture, he thrives while collaborating with other disciplines throughout the design process. When outside of the office, Benaissa is passionate about the sport of soccer – both playing and coaching youth teams.


Born in Texas and raised in Alaska, Annie grew up excelling in both math and art, which naturally drew her to the study of architecture. After returning south to earn a degree from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture, she then planted roots in New York, where her watercolor paintings are currently featured in multiple Long Island exhibits. Annie finds joy in designing spaces that draw people together to create shared experiences, and in solving the technical challenges that shape these spaces.


A graduate of the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, Kellen has an advanced understanding of 2D and 3D architectural design software. She has a deep interest in high-end custom residential architecture and designing for the special needs community. With a curious mind regarding how buildings and objects are created and built, Kellen believes that when every single design decision has a clear purpose and reason behind it, architecture will influence humans in ways they never imagined.


Savannah was exposed to architecture at a young age by her grandfather, an architect who designed projects throughout her hometown.  A graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Interior Design and an NCIDQ Certified professional, she strives to improve the human experience in every project she undertakes. Savannah’s passion lies in creating spaces that clients revel in and find effortless to use.


A licensed architect in her native Chile, Carolina received a Master of Architecture degree from Andres Bello University and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design. Her extensive international travels have given her the opportunity to experience and gain insights from a diverse range of architectural styles and landscapes. Carolina’s passion lies in artfully utilizing intricate details to create incredibly meaningful spaces.

Caroline Winn

Cheerful and thoughtful, Caroline enjoys applying creative problem solving to create spaces that offer refuge, purpose, and delight. After earning an undergraduate degree from Wofford College, she completed a Master of Architecture degree from The Catholic University of America with a concentration in Sacred Space and Cultural Studies. Caroline imagines the built environment as the unavoidable art form and remains faithfully committed to architecture that points towards a greater beauty.


A graduate of the School of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a LEED Green Associate, Kathryn is passionate about designing spaces that respect the natural environment and connect individuals to their surrounding landscape. Her passion lies in utilizing a keen eye for detail and strong representation skills to meet the individual needs of each client.


After receiving a dual-major degree in Design and Art History from Radford University, Bailey received a Master of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design. While passionate about all facets of design, her interest in architecture was cultivated through travels across the United States and Europe. She is motivated by architecture’s influence on our everyday lives and its identity as both an art and a science.


At a young age, Corey was introduced to sketching and painting. His talents were nurtured and today allow him to create and illustrate unique spaces and ideas. Corey holds a bachelor’s degree from Clemson University’s School of Architecture and a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Virginia. His determined pursuit of architectural excellence, combined with his commitment to best practices for documentation and design, are at the core of his diverse skillset.


Nick’s admiration for beautiful spaces – whether the sleek lines of modern buildings or the intricate and timeless details of historic structures – began during his overseas studies in Europe. Originally from New Hampshire, Nick earned a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Architecture degree from The Catholic University of America and is passionate about global travel, as he enjoys experiencing regionally specific architecture. He is motivated by bringing clients’ visions to life through technical expertise and detailing.

Logan Duckwall

Raised by two artist parents, Logan believes that architecture has a profound ability to shape our experiences and lives. A graduate of the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, he values the importance of being entrusted by clients to contribute to the design of their personal sanctuaries.

Interior Design

KIM MUSSER, Senior Lead Interior Designer

Born and raised in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, Kim grew up surrounded by the beauty of farming landscapes and the culture and history of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she developed a passion for helping clients develop personal design brands that are beautifully reflected in their spaces. Kim’s approach is inspired and informed by the intersection of psychology, always pursuing the creation of spaces that improve the emotional quality of life through harmony.

ANNIE RAY, Lead Interior Designer

Annie Ray, a graduate of Syracuse University’s School of Architecture with a minor in Interior Design, is passionate about interior architecture and interior design and is well-versed in 3D software. With a background that allows her to excel in millwork design, scale and space planning, Annie’s portfolio shows her ability to appeal to a variety of clients, while carefully layering elements of color, texture, and pattern. She believes every client should have a space that is functional, inviting, and a curated reflection of their personality.

ALEXANDRA EPSTEIN, Lead Interior Designer

Alexandra grew up surrounded by family heirlooms and her mother’s exuberant flair for maximalism. A graduate of The Art Institute — where Alexandra deepened her innately instilled appreciation for beautiful things, art, and composition—she has gone on to create a diverse portfolio of projects. Whether contemporary or traditional in style, Alexandra’s ability to create well-curated spaces to be lived in and enjoyed is evident.


After earning a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee, Jessica spent more than a decade as an interior designer working on projects in both the high-end residential and multifamily sectors. Through her various roles, she uncovered her gifts of organization, problem solving, and business acumen. Today, Jessica takes pride in her ability to manage operations and develop processes that ultimately help the firm provide an extraordinary experience for clients.


Kirstie’s passion for interior and architectural design began through her love of history and historic house tours growing up. She pursued her interests at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned a BFA in Interior Design with a minor in Architectural History. While her work is informed by history, she loves being exposed to new ideas and her clients’ vision and is always moved by the beautiful results they achieve together.


A graduate of the Pratt Institute School of Art & Design with a degree in interior design, Haley believes that each residence should not only be beautifully curated, but also comfortable and livable. She takes inspiration from historic colonial interiors and is therefore passionate about mixing together modern and antique pieces when appropriate. Haley finds joy in integrating materials, textures, and patterns in unexpected ways to create one of a kind designs that will stand the test of time.


With family ties to North Carolina’s artisan furniture industry and a childhood spent observing the innerworkings of High Point Market, Gray’s passion for interior design began early. Gray, who holds a degree in Interior Design from Anderson University, believes that a strong attention to detail is crucial to successfully pushing the envelope on new designs. His passion lies in helping clients develop their own aesthetic through a bespoke and turnkey process.


Claire’s creative journey began when her father, a woodworker, introduced her to his workshop and began encouraging her involvement in projects. A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in interior design, Claire’s portfolio illustrates her aptitude for carefully and successfully incorporating unexpected color and texture into designs. She relishes the relational aspect of residential design and is passionate about ensuring the process is enjoyable, exciting, and gratifying for her clients.


Vivian, a graduate of West Virginia University with a degree in Interior Design, excels in creating 3D models that help clients envision their custom designs. She is driven to create spaces for her clients that are not only beautiful, but also purposeful and functional. Originally from Zimbabwe, Vivian is passionate about exploring other countries and regions to better understand, and to be inspired by, a range of unique design aesthetics.

Marketing & Operations


With more than 25 years of financial experience and a proven ability to collaborate across businesses, industries, and functions, Deborah brings deep experience to the firm’s accounting and human resources operations. A graduate of the University of Maryland and a Certified Public Accountant, she appreciates the analytical nature of her role while enjoying the creative and collaborative atmosphere of an architecture studio.


With more than 15 years of experience in bookkeeping across a range of industries, Suzanne is an integral part of the firm’s accounting team. She is motivated each day by collaborating with colleagues in a creative and team-oriented environment.


Lauren brings nearly 20 years of marketing, communications, and business development experience to Purple Cherry Architects. A strategic writer with an ardent understanding of data-driven marketing, Lauren leads the firm’s branding and identity efforts while building relationships with clients and industry colleagues.  She believes the most important aspect of her role is to forge the genuine relationships that result in the creation of extraordinary, thoughtful design.


While pursuing a degree in Journalism and New Media at Towson University, Tori discovered a passion for writing about design. At Purple Cherry, Tori dedicates her talent and interest toward creating digital marketing content that articulates the firm’s work and engages a wide audience. Inspired by the design talents of her colleagues and their relationships with the firm’s clients, Tori writes compellingly and loves what she does.


Daliana’s passion for the creative arts began at the age of seven while training as a ballet student, and was further nurtured during her career as a professional ballerina. Additionally, with an architect grandfather, her upbringing was strongly influenced by her exposure to ever-changing art and design. After retiring from her ballet career and earning a degree in Business Management from Eastern Florida State College, Daliana developed a passion for supporting creative professionals and clients, always striving to ensure their needs are efficiently met via the best possible experience.

Architecture & Interiors