The Design of a Country Estate
by: Cathy Purple Cherry

THE FIRST BOOK FROM AWARD-WINNING architecture and interior design firm Purple Cherry Architects shares the illustrious story of a new luxurious country estate located on the Chesapeake Bay and how the vision came to life. The main house, guest house, and seven outbuildings are dissected in detail so readers will experience what it is like to design such a comprehensive project, from the planning to the execution, and all the steps in between. The book focuses on the thought processes behind each decision, whether it is the materials employed or the siting of each building for walkability and use.

Sumptuous photographs and engaging narrative weave a wonderful story. Beyond a view into this aspirational lifestyle, Cathy Purple Cherry offers practical guidance on topics that are relevant to designing any home, no matter the scale of the project, whether the dream is a cozy cabin in the woods or an expansive country estate. Rife with inspiration on every page, the book will appeal to luxury home enthusiasts and design professionals alike.

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