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Shingle-Style Elegance

at ferry point

SITED ON ANNAPOLIS’S SOUTH RIVER, this classical shingle-style residence provides two well-balanced traditional elevations. The gambrel roofs, diagonal divided lites in the windows, capped oval windows, and a large eyebrow dormer create a delightful presence from the street and from the water. Luxe finishes including a wood shake roof, shingle walls, and copper accents exude a sense of elegance, which carries into the interior.

The essence of Annapolis and romance of the sea is reinforced with maritime details throughout the home. Upon entry, visitors are met with a handcrafted compass inlay indicating true north while the extensive millwork—curved beadboard ceilings and built-in cabinetry and bookcases—evoke the character of shipbuilding. Upstairs, the children’s bunk room features boat-themed furnishings and beds complete with portholes. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors offer a visual rhythm to the length of waterfront elevation, frame the idyllic views, and render a magical light-filled haven for the owners.

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