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Panoramic Poolhouse

in the blue ridge mountains

WHEN NATURE MEETS ARCHITECTURE, it can create a breathtaking experience for the user. And when nature is as stunning as the rolling landscape of Charlottesville, creating an amazing space becomes that much easier. Purple Cherry Architects designed this pool house to provide cover for conversations and dining, a cooking area, a full bathroom, a changing room, and pool storage. The structure tucks against the existing tree line, allowing uninterrupted views from the main house. Importantly, the new building does not obstruct the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the existing home.

The building itself is simple. A 20-foot by 40-foot covered area is ideal for large group entertainment and a stone spine along the rear anchors the one large, sloping roof form. Standing on the building’s open corners are two stunning sculptural bronze columns. Simple, yet elegant, hand-crafted bronze railings highlight other areas as well. The Douglas fir paneled changing room features organizing cubbies, hooks, and a bench for visitor use. Further amenities include a concealed roll-down screen for blocking winds and the western setting sun and infrared ceiling-mounted heaters that extend seasonal use. Stone, granite, ceramic tile, mahogany, and patinated metal render this woodland pool house to be both functional and sculptural in its setting. It is a lovely destination on the property. 

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