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Family Retreat

at the homestead preserve

LOCATED ON A 13-ACRE parcel in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, the design and construction of this home initially began as a timber-framed space with a kitchen and two bedrooms to support a wedding in the family. However, during construction, the client soon re-envisioned the project as an opportunity to add rooms for family and friends who would frequently visit. Thus the design evolved into three distinct vernacular buildings, two of which are co-joined by a flat roofed glass connector that serves as an art gallery. 

The resulting home contains five bedrooms, an expansive kitchen, and a three-car garage. A 46-foot by 23-foot covered porch connects to a vaulted timber-framed great room by an expansive foldaway door that opens completely to the covered porch and panoramic mountain view. Oriented along a steep ridge with a 45-foot drop, the Purple Cherry Architects team devised a striking agrarian-inspired home that is one with the land. A series of cascading terraces connect the house to a lawn intended to accommodate a very large party tent for the upcoming wedding. Reclaimed wood flooring, a standing seam metal roof, and West Virginia stone make this a distinctive mountain retreat.

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