Q&A Time with PCA Interiors

You asked and we answered! There are many ways to approach interior design. With the vast amount of available products to choose from, it can be overwhelming. The interior design team at Purple Cherry Architects decided to ask our Instagram followers for their top interior design questions. Let us share with you findings and solutions…

Q: Is wallpaper dated? It seems like a big commitment.

Absolutely not! It is that “little something extra.” We are seeing beautiful linens and grasscloths, subtle and bold printed patterns, and even embossed leathers. There are so many applications to use with wallpaper. Many of the homes we design have anywhere from 9’-11’ ceilings. Adding wallpaper to a space is a great way to fill a wall especially in a space with high ceilings. Get creative with where you use wallpaper! We love to add wallpaper in the back of a built-in bookcase to really make it pop. Still afraid of committing? Start small. Powder rooms are generally smaller in scale and give you an opportunity to test out your curiosity. This Zoffany wallpaper gave one of our clients the impact she wanted but still remained neutral and classic.

Q: What paint colors would you recommend for exterior stucco?

The key is to look at the house holistically and then to establish a color palette. Consider not only the stucco but also the other exterior materials such as roofing, siding, and hardscape. If you have stone or a stone veneer you will want to select a color that is pulling off of that material. We frequently specify Benjamin Moore colors found in the OC collection. These stunning paint colors, time and time again, have proven to be true staples. Try colors like Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist and China White

And don’t forget – sample, sample, sample, before you commit to a color palette! I know that when a color goes larges, it gets brighter. It takes a little more effort, but it is so worth it in the end!

Q: Do all of your metal finishes in a kitchen or bathroom need to match?

Yes and no. Does that answer the question? As interior designers, we look at the design as a whole. Between plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, door hardware, and all the way down to the cabinet hardware. It’s important to understand the careful balance of mixing metal finishes so that they harmonize well. We certainly specify and appreciate many metal finishes but the most common are: polished nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and brass. Brass has come a LONG way, and it is not the brass we all know and hate from growing up. Polished nickel and polished chrome pair nicely with both oil-rubbed bronze and brass tones. Also, the right oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass work together. It is a careful balance of combining a cooler tone metal with a warmer or darker tone metal. It can be done and it can be done well. We do have clients who prefer all of the metal finishes to match and that is ok too!

Q: I fell in love with a fabric but I am worried it won’t stand up well on a chair I am having re-upholstered. How do I know if it is durable enough to use?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a fabric for upholstery use. The weight of the fabric, and the content are essential. Upholstery weight fabrics need to be thick enough so it can stand up to use and time. If you use a fabric that is too thin, you will experience the fabric actually shifting over the cushion which will result in pilling. We frequently will do a treatment called “knit backing” which adds an extra layer to the backside of the fabric to give it more stability. Durability is a must! We hear this from our clients on a regular basis. With today’s hustle and bustle, we do not want to worry when we get home. We do not want to chase down the child, dog, or just clumsy house guest when they are using the newly upholstered chair. Knowing fabric content is key when selecting a fabric. Natural fibers will always require more care, but several fabrics are now treated with Nanotex or Crypton which are both great worry-free options! Thibaut, Kravet, and countless other vendors are all jumping on the stain treatment train.

Q: Does artwork need to match the interiors of a room?

In the past, artwork has often been selected to match the room. We encourage our clients to select artwork that is subtly cohesive with the design. Pick the room’s main accent color, like a coral or even a moody teal, and have it pop an element in the artwork. Artwork is incredible, and we encourage our clients to select pieces that speak to their taste and lifestyle.

Q: I love subway tile. Is it still going to be in trend in a few years?

Subway tile is as classic as you can get. If you look at photos of Parisian apartments in the 1920’s, you can see subway tile gracing the walls. It is true, subway tile has “come back” but it is certainly here to stay. The clean, timeless look is the perfect backdrop for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom shower walls. Want to mix it up? Change the size, the color, the texture, or even add a pattern. Winchester Tile Company, who is carried by Chesapeake Tile in Baltimore, has a beautiful assortment of subway tile in varying sizes and designs.

Q: What rug would you recommend for a family room?

Family rooms and kitchens are the heart of the home. It is where most of clients’ families gather and spend the majority of their time together. The family room is being used as the extra office space for TV watching, game playing, and even the entertaining space when sports are on the television. Wool is the most durable natural fiber in rugs. It is cozy underfoot, has excellent insulating properties, and has good stain repellency. An additional fiber that is most commonly found in indoor-outdoor rugs is polypropylene. Perennials, who has primarily known for their fabulous indoor-outdoor fabrics, has recently launched a rug line. Their polypropylene rugs are soft to the touch and offer incredible durability. You can literally hose these rugs off! Their line has expanded where we can dream up any design or custom color any of their current patterns.

Purple Cherry Architects’ goal with each project is to create an intentional, functional and beautiful home. Our interior design team takes many approaches to formulate a design that works for the client and their lifestyle. We hope our readers have found these answers helpful and thank you to our Instagram followers for participating!

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