Fall 2019 High Point Market | Design Trends and Finds

Purple Cherry’s interior design team made its way down to High Point, NC this fall (the furniture capital of the world) and is thrilled to share our finds! If you are unfamiliar, High Point Market is located in this sleepy little town and is THE interior design trade show to attend. Twice a year, this small town welcomes tens of thousands of vendors, buyers and designers from all over the world. One of the top perks of attending the High Point Market is discovering vendors latest and greatest in product offering. This year’s fall market provided a clear direction in current design trends and we are here to share the inside scoop!

In terms of new directions from this market, we saw a strong continuation of current design trends from the past few markets. For example, the leading colors continue to be blush-pink and white-on-white.

Back to the 80’s. The 80’s are back in full force! The over-sized scale of furniture with light wood finishes coupled with pastel upholstery evokes a familiarity of past decades. Rounded forms can be seen throughout vendor lines with their rounded edges, shapely arms and curved back profiles. This is in sharp contrast to the straight lines and clean edges we have seen in furniture design for the past five years. There appears to be a “softening” being introduced into furniture design. This new direction united with a pastel color palette gave us some serious Golden Girls vibes!


Warm color palettes. When creating a design, we start with the color palette. Will the house have a gray and taupe base palette? Will it be cool or warm? Or better yet, will we be doing a combination of the two? (Yes, it can be done). The cooler gray scheme that has held the Pinterest audience captive for the past few years appears to be on its way out! Beige (can you believe it!), brown, and ivories are replacing the cooler gray hues. Highland House’s vignette showcases the execution of this trend, from the patterned neutral loveseat to the textured beige sofa and walls. Even right down to the beige pleated lamp shade!

Decorative lighting movement. Vendors who have traditionally not offered decorative lighting have expanded their lines to include this sought-after product. Chandeliers, pendants and sconces can greatly change the overall look and feel of a space. Natural fibers, brass and industrial fixtures were throughout market. The industry had its doubts that these distinctive looks would remain but they appear to be here to stay! The PCA team understands the importance of light and how it is dispersed and perceived. We fell head over heels for Visual Comfort’s new introductions! The clean but classic feel has a subtle nautical vibe, which pairs beautifully for many of our client’s homes.

Williams Morris has been revived! As the one of the leader of Britain’s Arts & Crafts movement, Williams Morris designed everything from textiles to interiors. This 19th century designer and visionary is back and his designs can be seen gracing showroom walls, upholstery and even fashion! Several vendors have established collaborations and have put his distinctive patterns front and center. Selamat Designs, traditionally known for their natural and bohemian flair, has found clever methods to intertwine Morris’ iconic patterns into their current line. His pattern, Strawberry Thief, was inspired by the birds that flew into William Morris’ garden at his manor.

Predictions & continual trends. Many of the color palettes across the High Point Market were right in line with what we have seen in the last few market visits. The soft pinks, blushes and neutrals have remained and even morphed into the pastel color range. Who would have predicted that! In addition, the bright jewel tones in green, blue, pink and even orange are being paired with this warmer palette to add a pop of color. We predict a continued movement away from the cooler tones and a dive into the warmer color schemes.

Global trends continue with the use of natural details such as caning and rattan. The artisanal feel of pieces as well as the back-to-basics movement have proven both are here to stay. We saw this very same theme during our trip to the NY Now tradeshow over the summer!

In conclusion. Although we saw less foot traffic at this past Market, we certainly walked away feeling incredibly inspired and bursting at the seams with creativity! We’ve had the great opportunity to share the amazing finds with our clients and now have had the pleasure to share the same with you!

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