Project Highlights

Great residential architecture is as much art as it is science. It is about creating homes that are highly functional yet also comfortable and welcoming. Architecture respects the surrounding environment while carving out a place for itself, developing its own identity. A well-designed home integrates itself into its neighborhood; it becomes a part of the local landscape and secures itself a place in the hearts and minds of the people who live within it. At Purple Cherry Architects we have had the honor of delivering outstanding architecture to the mid-Atlantic region for nearly thirty years. It has been our privilege to design and build the structures where our clients live, vacation, raise their families and entertain. Our carefully selected team of talented, knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced design professionals is comprised of architects and interior designers with the skills and know-how of what it takes to deliver on any custom architectural project.

We invite you to browse our gallery and view these accomplishments for yourself. We hope the sampling below may also provide you with some inspiration for your project. These photos not only represent our work, but also the realized dreams of our clients.