Pool House on Harness Creek

This tranquil glass pool house is situated on the waterfront of Harness Creek in Annapolis. Homeowners desired a meditative reflection space that mirrored the same aesthetic as the main house it is detached from. The feature story in Home and Design Magazine, In Harmony, further details the connection of the pool house with the meadow and shoreline garden. Emphasizing nature and it’s elements was a major component in this project. The grasses and plant beds throughout create a “tidewater habitat.”

Each stone of the connecting bridge to the main house and pool were individually chiseled to achieve a hand-stacked look. Custom vanities, aqua blue tiled spa shower and closet, and a sitting area make up the interior of the space. Writer Sharon Jaffe Dan perfectly depicts this as “living proof that man and nature can coexist in harmony.”

Image credit: David Burroughs Photography